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I’m currently flying through The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact on Audible by Heath and Heath. It is perhaps the most interesting and thought provoking book I’ve read in quite a while on business or organizational (or personal) excellence. It is full of examples and ideas that could be applied in all kinds of situations: schools, churches, organizations and even in your personal life as you interact with others. Highly recommended. Likely to go through it again.

Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better by Hansen is a Christian view on not taking offense, forgiving and just being humble.

We humans are experts at casting ourselves as victims and rewriting narratives that put us in the center of injustices… And we can repaint our anger or hatred of someone—say, anyone who threatens us—into a righteous-looking work of art. And yet, remarkably, in Jesus’ teaching, there is no allowance for “Okay, well, if someone really is a jerk, then yeah—you need to be offended.” We’re flat-out told to forgive, even—especially!—the very stuff that’s understandably maddening and legitimately offensive.


Forfeiting our right to anger makes us deny ourselves, and makes us others-centered. When we start living this way, it changes everything.

In this age of everyone taking offense at everyone else and as the author says, “Everybody’s an idiot but me. I’m awesome” we need to be more patient, tolerant, understanding and forgiving. Much to process in this book and I will likely go through it a 2nd time shortly. Thanks SL for the recommendation.

And I listened to the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis again. Amazing.

Currently working through The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World by David Deutsch but at 20 hours on Audible, it will take a while…

Also appreciate recommendations from any of you. Best wishes.


5 thoughts on “Reading Recommendations”

  1. Mark, thanks for The Power of Moments reading recommendation; great book so far. You’ve become my book-club suggester 🙂

    Thanks, Angel….

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  2. Anxious to check that one out! My first reaction to this topic makes me think of being slow to speak, slow to anger…which is my personality most of the time. Being slow to speak allows you time to process and hopefully react in a way that is honorable.

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  3. Wow, today I just received that Unoffendable book (except I think it’s by Brant Hansen) from Amazon along with Un/Offendable: No Offense, None Taken by Ryan Leak that someone recommended. We’re doing a women’s brunch on the subject of having an unoffendable heart in February and I figured we’d get some good info from them. The Bible has some pretty cool verses on the subject too. Glad to hear you recommend this book. I just opened up to Chapter 17 “We’re All Waiting for Something…That Already Happened” and that struck home. And here’s a question…If we are feeling tired or burned out do you think we are more susceptible to being offended, even if ever so slightly? I am thinking so. Just had not thought of it in those terms.


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