Underwhelmed, Connections, Overwhelmed and Peace

Amazon Prime Day has completely underwhelmed me. One of the things that I think about for events like this is how well the vendor (Amazon) has dialed into what I consistently buy or look at over time and then how well their smart analytics and data mining tune offers to match what I’m likely to be interested in and I might want to buy. I’ve seen nothing interesting so far. I’m surprised and underwhelmed.

Yesterday I was contacted about a Dean position at a University a few states away. I declined because I’m not interested in moving. I’ve never really considered such a position but it might be fun. However, it got me thinking about LinkedIn and recommendations on LinkedIn which I’ve never really cultivated. In a weak moment, I sent requests to some former colleagues at different places asking for recommendations in case I might need or want them in the future (before they forget me). Several have since called me and several have sent me recommendations already. If nothing else, I at least re-connected with some friends.

These past two months have been a time of reflection and reconsideration about many things. Church, organizations, growing older and what is ahead. Going to be a grandfather soon which is hard to believe. Talked to two different friends yesterday and had great conversations about things in the past and things ahead. Some other friends have moved away and I don’t see them as often which makes me sad. Some other things are not unfolding as I might have hoped or thought. Have been re-impressed with the value of friends and cultivating friends and connecting with those around.

On a really bright note, my wife and I had the chance to take a quick vacation this past week when we visited Alaska. Lots of great sights and times. And I got to experiment with a new camera, a Nikon Coolpix B600, which has quite a zoom lense capability. Really enjoyed working with it and realized I have much to learn.

The zoom…

Wherever you are and whatever your situation, I wish you well. May peace be upon you.

3 thoughts on “Underwhelmed, Connections, Overwhelmed and Peace”

  1. I enjoy reading your blog and your take on all these various topics. Seems like I read somewhere in your blog that you recently retired from your career/business/ “job”. Describing “JOB” is a whole other subject. However I would love to hear your opinions on “RETIREMENT” . When, How do you know when its time, the fear, or joy, finances, how much is enough. fear of the unknown, doesn’t sound like your bored, but is there a boredom factor? Slowing down, being still, spirituality, lifestyle, being social. Sorry I’m rambling…l would really like to hear your take on this subject.

    Your writings matter!


  2. Rex,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Good questions, but regarding retirement, I don’t really use that word. I keep busy with lots of things and don’t really think of myself as retired. Ha. Regarding time for a change, I think that depends on each person and their situation.


    1. Mark,
      Thanks for the reply. You know I was just asking “for a friend” lol. Your writings are an inspiration. I love how you verbalize on paper your thoughts. Continued blessings to you and yours!


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