Be Remarkable

Here are a few ‘interesting’ pages about living an interesting life and being remarkable:

  1. Why You Need To Be Interesting on
  2. The Era of Average is Over is right on.
  3. Escape your bubble
  4. 14 Signs You Are On The Path to Awesomeness has a great list of things to consider.
  5. Seven Things I wish I Knew Before Going to Graduate School contains ideas for grad school, but the core ideas about making connections and leaving your comfort zones are right on.
  6. Mastering The Art Of Leaving Meaningfully Well in HBR about cultivating a better self, forgiving and being creating are spot on.
  7. 25 Ways To A More Interesting Life with turning off the tv being a great point.
    The book Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together is outstanding and recommended. I wrote about it earlier here.
  8. 7 Ways To Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room has the rhino picture and the following quote, “If you want to be a knight, act like a knight. If you don’t read, watch, and think about generic things, generic things are less likely to come out of your mouth.”
  9. 6 Things Smart People Do To Have Really Interesting Conversations
  10. Choose To Be Brazen: Why Confidence At Work Is The Key To Everything has some good ideas.
  11. Five Crucial Principles to Make Both Your Professional and Personal Life Successful. There is a quote in this article that says that “Confidence is the closest thing in the world to magic” which is a wonderful idea to consider.
  12. The Simple Step To Become a Remarkably Likable Person on the Storyline blog says to stop talking so much and to ask questions.
  13. How to be more interesting when meeting new people has some good thoughts including show up.
  14. 7 Awesome Ways to Be Bold, Get Noticed and Blow People Away. Make others feel important, be unusual and be willing to see things differently.
  15. 13 Things Fearless People Do Differently has a good list including learning new skills and shrinking your fear.
  16. Getting into Harvard.
  17. And The Decision To Be Remarkable from one of my favorite writers and one of the first articles that I ever saved and considered extensively. Decide to be remarkable!

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