Higher Ed

I’ve been collecting a number of articles about the changes that are taking place in higher ed and in education in general. I don’t necessarily agree with all of these, but they are thoughts and ideas that are shaping changes in the education landscape.

  1. The Future of Education
  2. Education Disrupted (Finally)!  The key point? Schools are still preparing students for the old world.
  3. As Corporate World Moves Toward Curated ‘Microlearning,’ Higher Ed Must Adapt
  4. What a Reinvented College Looks Like: 4 Alternative Higher-Ed Models
  5. The Disruption of Higher Education and America’s New Manufacturing Industry
  6. High School is Over: Should You Go to College?
  7. Are élite colleges bad for the soul?
  8. The rich-poor divide on America’s college campuses is getting wider, fast – The Hechinger Report
  9. Higher Education Seeks Answers to Leaner Times
  10. The Diminishing Returns of a College Degree
  11. Slumping College Enrollment Signals Americans Are No Longer Buying The College Lie
  12. Will You Graduate? Ask Big Data
  13. Americans Losing Faith in College Degrees, Poll Finds.
  14. And there is a wonderful article on Medium about retaining customers. Seem directly related to the importance of a university working hard to retain students who decided to study there in the first place. Don’t lose the ones who are already there!
  15. Episodes 5 and 6 in Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History from Season 2 are worth a listen too. Food Fight and My Little Hundred Million.
  16. A recent article about organization and urgency that is wonderful too. If higher ed, and all education systems, are under pressure and changes are happening, then urgency and the need for speed to adapt are paramount.  See Organizing for the Age of Urgency.
  17. Will Online Ever Conquer Higher Ed?
  18. Christian Universities Feeling the Pinch
  19. 7 on-the-rise technology trends to track and learn from O’Reilly.
  20. Upwork releases Q4 2017 Skills Index, ranking the 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers lists skills that are currently hot.
  21. 4 predictions for the future of work is a  fascinating summary of where things are likely heading with some key thoughts on how education must adapt.
  22. U.S Colleges are Separating into Winners and Losers in the WSJ.
  23. The War on Grad School
  24. Why an Honor’s Student Wants to Skip College and go to Trade School.
  25. The (Real) Challenge Facing Seminaries
  26. Why You Should Think Twice About Going to College
  27. Code Now. Pay Tuition Later.
  28. Google IT support course offered at 25 community colleges.
  29. Going to College is Probably a Waste of Your Time.
  30. Why an Honor Students Wants to Skip College and Go To Trade School.
  31. ‘The University We Need’ Review: Rethinking College
  32. Netflix Versions of Higher Education Emerge
  33. Is Tenure Dying? Does it Matter?
  34. How Affordable is College? You May Be Surprised.
  35. Colleges Are Changing for Generation Z… And So Should You
  36. Why Is College in America So Expensive?
  37. America Wakes Up From Its Dream of Free College
  38. The Ax-Wielding Futurist Swinging for a Higher Ed Tech Revolution
  39. How to Save Higher Education
  40. How The ‘Iron Triangle’ Will Help Colleges Survive
  41. Why Formal Education is Losing Value
  42. Does It Matter Where You Go To College?
  43. College Bloat Meets ‘The Blade’
  44. As college costs keep rising, some schools slash tuition
  45. The Right Way to Choose a College
  46. Cuts at Liberty Hit Divinity
  47. Top U.S. B-School Students Pile on Debt to Earn MBAs
  48. Tuition Increases A Natural Part Of Small Colleges
  49. University of Tulsa to cut degree programs, reorganize into ‘professional super college’
  50. ASU overhauls fee structure in new tuition proposal
  51. To Retain College Students, Look to Academic Support and Campus Activities, New Report Finds
  52. 17 Questions Every College Should Be Asking
  53. Why College Became So Expensive
  54. How Universities Boost Economic Growth
  55. Function Follows Form: How Two Colleges Redesigned the Classroom for Active Learning
  56. 4 Models to Reinvent Higher Education in the 21st Century
  57. Colleges are Underproducing
  58. Moody’s upgrades higher ed’s outlook to stable
  59. Dawn of the Dead: For Hundreds of the Nation’s Private Colleges, It’s Merge or Perish
  60. Is college worth it? A Georgetown study measures return on investment — with some surprising results
  61. Private Colleges Are in Trouble, and Their Creditors Are Worried