Higher Ed

I’ve been collecting a number of articles about the changes that are taking place in higher ed and in education in general. I don’t necessarily agree with all of these, but they are thoughts and ideas that are shaping changes in the education landscape.

  1. The Future of Education
  2. Education Disrupted (Finally)!  The key point? Schools are still preparing students for the old world.
  3. As Corporate World Moves Toward Curated ‘Microlearning,’ Higher Ed Must Adapt
  4. What a Reinvented College Looks Like: 4 Alternative Higher-Ed Models
  5. The Disruption of Higher Education and America’s New Manufacturing Industry
  6. High School is Over: Should You Go to College?
  7. Are élite colleges bad for the soul?
  8. The rich-poor divide on America’s college campuses is getting wider, fast – The Hechinger Report
  9. Higher Education Seeks Answers to Leaner Times
  10. The Diminishing Returns of a College Degree
  11. Slumping College Enrollment Signals Americans Are No Longer Buying The College Lie
  12. Will You Graduate? Ask Big Data
  13. Americans Losing Faith in College Degrees, Poll Finds.
  14. And there is a wonderful article on Medium about retaining customers. Seem directly related to the importance of a university working hard to retain students who decided to study there in the first place. Don’t lose the ones who are already there!
  15. Episodes 5 and 6 in Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History from Season 2 are worth a listen too. Food Fight and My Little Hundred Million.
  16. A recent article about organization and urgency that is wonderful too. If higher ed, and all education systems, are under pressure and changes are happening, then urgency and the need for speed to adapt are paramount.  See Organizing for the Age of Urgency.
  17. Will Online Ever Conquer Higher Ed?
  18. Christian Universities Feeling the Pinch