Post Privacy

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I read this amazing article this past week entitled Your Privacy is Over and afterward I read another article that indicated that without privacy, democracy is in trouble and in fact, can’t exist. I’ve lost the link to the later article although using search I found several along those lines here, here and here but none of these seem to be the one I’m remembering.

In any case, read the Your Privacy is Over article and give it some thought. I don’t think we really grasp the depth of this change yet its implications are huge.

privacy is threatened on a scale we have never thought about. We are entering the post-privacy age.

I wrote recently about telling someone I needed something and then it shows up on a search on an unrelated mobile app that had no connection between what I said and this app. No connection at all.

The threat to democracy that these articles are talking about is rather scary. Without privacy and secrecy, it is hard for dissent to have a safe place for dialog and organization.

Apple taking the stand to keep their mobile platforms private and secure really seems like the right thing to do even when it causes other problems.

These are some of the hard problems of the future. More on this soon.

PS. here is a post on how to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour.